Take the Survey: On to 2050: Alternative Futures

For the next four weeks, the Library will be hosting the “On to 2050: Alternative Futures” survey. A special interactive station near the New Book Shelf in the Library offers this interactive survey. The Chicago Metropolitan Agency for Planning (CMAP) is seeking input on five “alternative futures,” each with distinct factors that could significantly shape our region for decades to come. The futures are:

1. Changed climate
2. Walkable communities
3. Innovative transportation
4. Constrained resources
5. Transformed economy

Students, employees, and members of the public are invited to visit the library to offer their perspectives. For more “On to 2050: Alternative Futures” visit

The U.S. Banking System and Your Finances

We were excited to welcome Dr. Mitra of Purdue University Northwest who discussed banking basics as part of our One Book program on Hamilton. Dr. Mitra also touched on some sound personal finance approaches for college students. This event was supported by the Social Action Club and the International Women’s Club.

The U.S. Banking System and Your Finances

The audio of this discussion is available below:

This Week in Space History

One of the most dramatic events in space exploration history happened 47 years ago this week. On April 11, 1970, the Apollo 13 space mission was launched from the Kennedy Space Center in Florida; the goal was to be the third mission to land on the moon. Two days after the launch, an oxygen tank exploded, causing loss of power, heat, and water in the spacecraft. The carbon dioxide removal system also was damaged. Amazingly, the crew (with help from many people on Earth) was able to make the repairs necessary to return a few days later on April 17.

The library has this material on the subject:

Local Views on the Situation in Syria and Syrian Refugees

Two weeks ago, the MVCC Arab Student Union hosted an event in the Library on the crisis in Syria. Last night the US attacked a Syrian airbase in response to a chemical attack on the Syrian people (see BBC’s page referencing the Syrian War for coverage of these issues). After these events, it seems appropriate to reshare the conversation held in the library.

Syrian Refugee Discussion

Earth Month Events!

We are excited to be part of MVCC’s earth month celebration.

JoeyFineRhyme is coming to the library April 12, 11am and Noon!
Taking on our collective eco-challenges requires we each embody an ethos of action. This interdisciplinary and participatory presentation educates students on climate and waste, parallels these crises with other great challenges that have been met, draws inspiration from what previous movements have accomplished, and imparts knowledge to students on what they can do. He has a unique style of free-style rap to help keep the audience engaged!! Check out Joey’s work here: (really amazing and fun).

Here’s the full Earth Month line up!

  • JoeyFineRhyme is coming to the library: April 12
  • ActOut 2.0 – “Our Common Ground: A Space for Civil Discourse”: April 21
  • GO Green! Club Swap-A-Thon: April 26
  • 50th Anniversary Tree Planting – Arbor Day & Tree Campus USA: April 28

For more informatio on these events, click here!

Playing the Fake News Game: An Interactive Event & Discussion

Join us in playing our own news game that is in the tradition of NPR’s Wait, Wait, Don’t Tell Me. Can you separate fake news from actual news stories? Fabricated news stories spread across the internet like wildfire impacting how we understand our world and how we make decisions as citizens. This event will discuss ways we can prevent ourselves from falling victim to online falsehoods.

Playing the Fake News Game: An Interactive Event & Discussion

The audio of this discussion is available below:

50th Anniversary Video-Lenette Staudinger, Retired Biology Faculty Member

Moraine Valley Community College celebrates its 50th Anniversary this year. To learn more about and to re-live some of what those five decades have been like, the college has been collecting oral histories. Each week this semester we will highlight one of the videos.

Lenette Staudinger was one of the original 30 faculty members at Moraine and taught Biology here for 32 years. She recalls the open concept buildings, both at 115th Street and in the temporary buildings on this campus. The open floor plan did create some issues, including fruit flies from the Biology lab wandering the whole building. She shares other interesting stories of scrounging flowers from a cemetery and more about those lab animals. What happens when you have a snake and then add gerbils to the population? Let’s just say that the cleaning crew no longer wanted to clean the animal lab.

Lenette is very proud of her time at MVCC and of the quality education and faculty dedication that Moraine students receive. “Whenever I get the chance, I tell people that I was a faculty member here.”

To enjoy more of these oral histories, along with historic photos and documents, visit the MVCC College Archives.

Lenette Staudinger, Retired Biology Faculty Member

Moraine Valley Student Trustee Debate April 2017

Candidates for MVCC Student Trustee discuss issues impacting students. This event sponsored by Student Life and the Student Government Association.

Moraine Valley Student Trustee Debate April 2017

The audio of this discussion is available below: