Web Portal now has the Federal Register and Code of Federal Regulations

The Web portal: The U.S. Government Printing Office has informed us that the current Code of Federal Regulations (CFR) and Federal Register (FR) are now available via, the interagency science Web portal, which provides a federated search across multiple databases from multiple agencies. This availability opens another channel to these two key Federal information resources, which also may be found on the GPO Access Web site. The CFR and FR are accessible via a Regulations section on the Web portal.

Academic Integrity Research Guide

Academic Integrity is a new MVCC Library research guide designed by COL 101 faculty and librarians to stimulate thought, class discussions and ideas for research papers. The provided sources review the challenges and rewards of avoiding plagiarism and cheating. And that it is the responsibility not only of students, but also faculty, and administration, to create a “culture of academic integrity.”

Encyclopedia of Physical Science and Technology

Encyclopedia of physical science and technology “Nine years has passed since the 1992 second edition of the encyclopedia was published. This completely revised third edition, which is a university and professional level compendium of chemistry, molecular biology, mathematics, and engineering, is refreshed with numerous articles about current research in these fields. For example, the new edition has an increased emphasis on information processing and biotechnology, reflecting the rapid growth of these areas. The continuing Editor-in-Chief, Robert Meyers, and the Board prepared a new topical outline of physical science and technology to define complete coverage. Section editors are either Nobel Laureates or editors of key journals in their fields. Additional Board members representing the global scientific community were also recruited.” (Publisher’s description)

Vice President of the United States (President of the Senate)

Vice President of the United States (President of the Senate) : Information on the VP from the Senate Web site, “Constitutional origins of and structural changes in the office, its duties, and biographies of all vice presidents. A note in Gerald Ford’s entry explains “the Twenty-fifth Amendment to the U.S. Constitution in 1967, allowing for the appointment and confirmation of a new vice president” if a vacancy should occur.” (from Librarians Index to the Internet)