Local Views on the Situation in Syria and Syrian Refugees

Two weeks ago, the MVCC Arab Student Union hosted an event in the Library on the crisis in Syria. Last night the US attacked a Syrian airbase in response to a chemical attack on the Syrian people (see BBC’s page referencing the Syrian War for coverage of these issues). After these events, it seems appropriate to reshare the conversation held in the library.

Syrian Refugee Discussion

Earth Month Events!

We are excited to be part of MVCC’s earth month celebration.

JoeyFineRhyme is coming to the library April 12, 11am and Noon!
Taking on our collective eco-challenges requires we each embody an ethos of action. This interdisciplinary and participatory presentation educates students on climate and waste, parallels these crises with other great challenges that have been met, draws inspiration from what previous movements have accomplished, and imparts knowledge to students on what they can do. He has a unique style of free-style rap to help keep the audience engaged!! Check out Joey’s work here: (really amazing and fun).

Here’s the full Earth Month line up!

  • JoeyFineRhyme is coming to the library: April 12
  • ActOut 2.0 – “Our Common Ground: A Space for Civil Discourse”: April 21
  • GO Green! Club Swap-A-Thon: April 26
  • 50th Anniversary Tree Planting – Arbor Day & Tree Campus USA: April 28

For more informatio on these events, click here!

Playing the Fake News Game: An Interactive Event & Discussion

Join us in playing our own news game that is in the tradition of NPR’s Wait, Wait, Don’t Tell Me. Can you separate fake news from actual news stories? Fabricated news stories spread across the internet like wildfire impacting how we understand our world and how we make decisions as citizens. This event will discuss ways we can prevent ourselves from falling victim to online falsehoods.

Playing the Fake News Game: An Interactive Event & Discussion

The audio of this discussion is available below:

Moraine Valley Student Trustee Debate April 2017

Candidates for MVCC Student Trustee discuss issues impacting students. This event sponsored by Student Life and the Student Government Association.

Moraine Valley Student Trustee Debate April 2017

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Game of Thrones and History

Did you know that the super popular fantasy stories Game of Thrones is based upon history?

Our librarians and our library staff love Game of Throne. We have the books, DVDs, graphic novels, and supporting books in our library’s collection.

The stories within the Game of Thrones heavily draw upon actual European and Medieval history. These two videos outline some of the real historic events upon which events in Game of Thrones are based. While there are no dragons and no magic, the actual history is just as amazing as the fiction.

The wars that inspired Game of Thrones

Why Game of Thrones reads like a History Book and not a Fantasy Epic

50 Years of Women’s Voices: Oral Histories of Moraine Valley

As part of its 50th Anniversary, Moraine Valley has collected oral histories from the people who have helped make it into the quality institution it is today. Meet some of the women behind those recordings and hear them tell the college’s story through their own experiences. Learn more about the College’s history at the Moraine Valley College Archives.

50 Years of Women’s Voices: Oral Histories of Moraine Valley

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Forgotten History: Myths & Oddities of the American Revolution

As a part of the college’s year-long engagement with Hamilton, Moraine Valley History Professor Jim Mc Intyre will de-bunk some of the myths and share some of the lesser-known facts about the American Revolution, the War of Independence, and the Founding Fathers.

Forgotten History: Myths & Oddities of the American Revolution

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Author of “Hamilton: The Revolution” Jeremy McCarter to Speak at MVCC

We are very excited to share this announcement as part of our One Book, One College program on Hamilton.


Moraine Valley hosting “Hamilton: The Revolution” co-author

Moraine Valley Community College will host Jeremy McCarter, co-author of “Hamilton: The Revolution,” Thursday, April 20 in the Dorothy Menker Theater, Fine Arts and Performing Center, 9000 W. College Pkwy., Palos Hills. The presentation will be from 11 a.m. to 12:15 p.m., and is free and open to the public.

The book, co-written with Lin-Manuel Miranda, who created and starred in “Hamilton,” follows the musical’s development from a performance at the White House to its opening night on Broadway; and includes behind-the-scenes glimpses of the show.

“It is exciting to have Jeremy McCarter present to our college community,” said Dr. Walter Fronczek, Liberal Arts dean. “This talented writer, director and producer will give our students and staff an insight on the arts and how they play an active role in our society.”

McCarter’s presentation is part of Moraine Valley’s One Book, One College, a collaborative effort between the college’s Library and Bookstore started in 2004 to encourage reading and conversation. The college selected the musical “Hamilton” as its One Book text for the 2016-17 academic year.

“The faculty, staff and administration on this campus work every day to inspire our students in the same way “Hamilton” has inspired so many young people,” said Dr. Linda Brandt, a counselor, who helped to bring McCarter to campus. “The stories from this book will provide our students with a glimpse of their own strength and resilience and knowledge that together we can be a powerful force in creating a better, more just world.”

The event is made possible by Moraine Valley’s Liberal Arts and Student Engagement subdivisions, and the Library. For more information, call the Moraine Valley Box Office at (708) 974-5500.

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For news media inquiries, contact Jodi Marneris, Marketing and Communications, at (708) 974-5272 or marnerisj@morainevalley.edu.

Fake News, Journalism, and Media with the Chicago Tribune’s Margaret Holt

Margaret Holt, Standards Editor with the Chicago Tribune, discusses her career as a journalist and editor. She also discusses the impact of fake news and the state of journalism.

Fake News, Journalism, and Media with Margaret Holt from the Chicago Tribune

The audio of this discussion is available below: