Zero Waste Challenge, Librarian Style: Day 3

November 21st, 2014

bagshotHave you ever been jogging and a dump truck passes by you?  Ever get a good ol’ whiff of that trash? I don’t know about you but I tend to make a face when I smell that truck pass by.   A very similar smell can now be found by opening up my Ziploc bag of trash.  Its odd, it never occurred to me when I would smell that trash on my jogs that it wasn’t someone else’s trash making that stink, it was my trash, mixed with my neighbors trash, mixed with the trash from the restaurant in my building.  Its all of us creating not only these large pits full of waste, but the smell we hate to smell.  We pay someone to drive up, remove our stink, drive gas guzzling trucks to a remote location so we don’t have to smell it or find uses for our items.  We have our waste taken away to magical landfill land.   The missing link in our thought process though is, we all create the disgusting smell.


What is causing this stink is the addition of five items from Tuesday night to this morning.  I have numbered each piece and below is their story.

1. Oh the Keurig, how we love the quick cup of java to get us alert and ready for the day.  Yesterday I was offered a cup of coffee, desperate for that cup of caffeine I accepted.  Turns out, my coffee was from a Keurig, which means I created waste. To find out if the k-cup is recyclable I went to the Kurig’s support page, where I found a long list of questions, but none relating to recycling. To dive deeper I went to their Sustainability page, where I finally found my answer.  Keurig admits their k-cups are not recyclable but they are developing their packaging technology with a recyclable k-cup target date of 2020. In the mean time, they have a program called Grounds to Grow On, that collects their used cups, coffee grounds and all.  The ground are used for compost and the rest of the cups are turned into energy.   Given that their recyclable solution is still just over five years away, I did find a solution in the mean time. Keurig also makes a reusable coffee filter that fits into the same compartment the k-cups would, only you have to fill it with your own coffee and wash it out afterwards.  Not too difficult and you still get a quick cup of coffee!

2. Tuesday night I went out to dinner, and once again had to make a trip to the bathroom.  When it came time to wash my hands, I realized they only had paper towels.  What baffled me was that these towels were different.  The restaurant had paid not only for a much thicker, larger, durable paper towel, but they had the restaurant’s name printed on each one.  You’ll see that I have two other paper towels next to my fancy printed one.  That fancy towel ended up in the same place as all my other plain towels, in my trash.  I don’t see logic in printing your company name on an item that is used and put into a trash can with in seconds, all that ink and effort put into something with such as short use life.  If it is for advertising purposes, would you not already be a patron of their establishment if you are using their restroom?  All I can do is shake my head, and plan on bringing a re-usable towel like this one with me just in case wherever I need to wash my hands happens to have no hand dryers.

3. Stickers, I can honestly say I have never thought about stickers in terms of recycling.  With the weather getting colder and our skin getting dyer, I opened up a new chap stick yesterday.  The label on my chap stick had a colored corner that said in tiny letters, “Lift.”   I did and found the ingredients list, but as I kept pulling the whole label came off.  Now what?  What do you do with stickers?  When I did a general Google search I found a green blog that said stickers are not recyclable, but Post-It notes are.  Given this information was from a blog, and as a librarian I know better than to take that as face value, I did another search to confirm their findings.  Finally I found a source that supported the fact that stickers can’t be recycled because the adhesives clog up the recycling process.  My second search also added in another piece of information that is good to know, postage is okay to put in your recycling!  Who knew!

4. Yesterday it was coffee, today it was tea.  Woke up this morning craving some Earl Grey. After putting my tea bag in my mug I took a look at its packaging.  Its paper, technically, but has a very smooth almost glossy texture to it, which made me wonder, is it recyclable? The company website has a social responsibility page but no information on the packaging. A call to the company resulted in my leaving a detailed message.  Stay tuned for my next post to see if the makers of great tea listen to their voice mails!

5. A snack a day keeps rumblings tummies at bay. Even though I was not the only person to enjoy pita chips from this bag, I was the last one to finish up the crumbs meaning it was my responsibility to put it in the trash.  Years ago I had heard about a company called Terra Cycle, which takes chip bags, candy wrappers and other non-recyclable items and they turn those items into other products.  Sadly though this great company only accepts certain bags and the brand I have is not on the list.  So I decided to start an online chat session (similar to our Ask a Librarian) with the customer service department of Stacy’s Pita Chips.  After my friendly chat, the end result was, no they are not recyclable.  The plastic used to make the bags does not break down properly in the recycling process.  This got me thinking, if I want pita chips why not make them at home to avoid creating more waste? In our book collection we have many different cook books, and after browsing the TX section of the stacks I found a book called The Bread Maker’s Apprentice which had a simple, inexpensive pita chip recipe!

Stay tuned next Monday to see what sort of trash and questions the weekend brings in my final leg of the Zero Waste Challenge!



Community Colleges Are Getting It Right

November 20th, 2014

Here’s a great article on how community colleges are fixing higher education.  It accompanies a show on CNN (airing tonight, November 20th at 8 pm) about the costs of college.  Here’s a trailer.

The Science of GHOSTS! (Because Science w/ Kyle Hill)

November 20th, 2014

Ghosts tell us more about how our brain works than they tell us about the afterlife or the soul. The beliefs we hold present an interesting information literacy problem. Beliefs help us filter out world. We ignore some information and emphasizes other information based on beliefs about how things work.

This video touches on how ghosts work.

The Science of GHOSTS! (Because Science w/ Kyle Hill)

The Science Behind “Interstellar”

November 19th, 2014

Have you seen the film Interstellar? This video about the science behind it is cool.

Could INTERSTELLAR’s Wormhole be a Time Machine? (Because Science w/ Kyle Hill) (SPOILERS)

Porgy and Bess

November 19th, 2014

When most people think of opera they usually imagine something that is boring, too expensive, too long, elitist, stuffy, and unintelligible! It’s true, not all operas are for the faint of heart (I’m looking at you, Wagner!), but many are not as intimidating (or boring) as you might believe. A great example of this is George Gershwin’s Porgy and Bess.

It’s sung in English and mixes traditional opera techniques with American jazz and folk music.  Set in Charleston, South Carolina in the 1920′s, it tells the story of a disabled man, Porgy, who tries to save a woman, Bess, from her abusive lover and drug addiction. You can check out a DVD of a 1992 stage production from the Glyndebourne Festival Opera here. You can also check out the 2012 New Broadway Cast recording or another recording of selections featuring Ella Fitzgerald and Louis Armstrong.

The Lyric Opera in Chicago is also presenting Porgy and Bess from November 17 through December 20th. They offer $20 student tickets for select performances through their NEXT Discount Student Ticket Program, which you can sign up for here. The Lyric Opera house is easily accessible via the Metra or CTA and they also offer discounted parking.

The 2012 Broadway Revival, starring Audra McDonald and Norm Lewis, won two Tony Awards including Best Revival of a Musical and Best Performance by a Leading Actress in a Musical. Here’s a video from the 2012 Tony Awards with excerpts from the opera’s best known songs.

Check Out MVCC’s Alumni Hall of Fame Videos

November 19th, 2014

I was excited to come across the videos featuring the MVCC Alumni Hall of Fame Inductees. All of us at the college are proud of the accomplishments of our students. I thought these were definitely worth sharing.

Hall of Fame Inductee Michelle Gerrity

Hall of Fame Inductee Mark Weber

Hall of Fame Inductee Mark Patoska

Hall of Fame Inductee Dr. Laura Aversano

Hall of Fame Inductee Jeffrey Swoboda

Hall of Fame Inductee James Hofer

Hall of Fame Inductee Elaine Echols

Zero Waste Challenge, Librarian Style: Day 2

November 19th, 2014

Its day 3 and this challenge is just getting good!  Yesterday I accumulated five more items of trash that I could not recycle. After putting in my research, I have learned more about what I can’t, and surprisingly can, recycle from my every day activities.  Some have a simple reason why not, while other posed a bit of a puzzle.  To recap, my first item was a coffee soaked paper towel, which can’t be recycled due to having food waste on it. Coincidentally, my second item was also a paper towel from washing my hands in a public bathroom. To help keep track I have placed a number by each new item I have accumulated during day 2 and below is the story behind that item.



1. Yesterday I was using a public restroom and was faced with a predicament after I washed my hands.  I looked around for hand dryers like we have here at Moraine and found a disappointed self looking back at me in the mirror.  My hand were still cold from being outside and wet cold hands aren’t pleasant.  Knowing I would have to use the paper towel I started to shake my hands in the air and count to 12.  Then I took one paper towel and folded it in half.  I learned this trick from a TED talk a friend sent me last year.   One towel really is all you need.  This got me thinking though, what is better hand dryers or paper towels?  I’ve heard the argument both ways, some say hand dryer’s use too much energy others say paper towels produce too much waste.  To get the facts I used GreenFILE (one of the many databases we have here at Moraine for research needs) and found this article.  I guess hand dryers are the winner due to less waste and less carbon emissions.

2. When offered your favorite piece of candy who turns that down?  Boy am I a sucker for Starburst, but I almost didn’t accept this treat because I knew the wrapping is not recyclable.  Even though it is paper wrapping, its covered in a wax coating which prevents it from being recycled.  The same goes for laminated paper.  In terms of re-use Starburst wrappers are great for crafts, here is a tutorial on how to make a bracelet or a necklace using a folding technique.

3. Flu season is approaching and one method to stay healthy is good ol’ vitamin C.  Nothing like a good cup of O.J. in the morning to brighten your day.  This morning I went to open a new jug of Tropicana, and realized that even though the bottle itself is recyclable, the pull off seal probably isn’t.  To find out more I checked online and searched their company website.  Coming up with no solid answer, I decided to call Tropicana and see if they can answer my question.  After talking to a polite Mary Ann, she informed me that the seal is a multi-material packaging piece that can’t be recycled.  My hunch was right, its an item that can’t be recycled and so far I have not found an alternative use for this item, so this really does have no place to go unfortunately except to the landfill.

burlap4. Last Christmas I was given a spa kit from a co-worker that came in a great burlap bag.  I had saved the bag in hopes of finding a means of re-purposing it as a gift bag in the future.  Last night I attended a housewarming party, and decided to fill that bag with cookies and goodies for my friends.   The only problem was the bag had a burlap tag on it with the spa kit name and company.  Snip snip and the bag was good to go.  Only problem now, what to do with this piece of burlap.  It is not recyclable since fabrics are not recycled through a curbside waste/recycling service.  Normally when I have an item that can be recycled in theory but isn’t recycled by my waste hauler, I use Earth911‘s Recycling Center Search.  Through that I find a location near me that collects that particular item. When I searched for burlap, no results came up. Larger pieces of burlap are often reused to make bags or used in crafts.   Putting my re-purposing cap on I think this piece of fabric is the perfect size for a bookmark!


5. Bathrooms don’t clean themselves, and last night it was my turn to get out the baking soda and start scrubbing the tub. When I went to get the baking soda I realized I had to open up a new bag, which means I had to generate some waste… maybe.  The top edge of the bag had to be cut off, and that little strip of plastic was my waste.  I looked on the bag and didn’t see any indication that it was recyclable.  To confirm this I searched the company website and found no information on the packaging.  My go to solution, call the company and ask them.  As it turns out the bag is grade 7 plastic, which means I can recycle it!  Well that’s one less item I have to carry around for the week!

Stay tuned for more updates from this Zero Waste Challenge, Librarian Style!



Behind the Scenes at the Field Museum

November 18th, 2014

Brain Scoop is an educational YouTube channel that comes to us from Chicago’s Field Museum. Brain Scoop is hosted by Emily Graslie, the museum’s very first Chief Curiosity Correspondent. The videos take us behind the scenes with the scientists and allow us to see all the varying, fascinating, and sometimes funny work going on in natural history museums. Most videos are less than 10 minutes long and cover topics such as “Where’d You Get All Those Dead Animals?”, “Starstuff and Nanodiamonds”, “Shark Weapons”, and “Most of a Bear.” This preview video highlights some of the interesting topics you can explore.

Zero Waste Challenge, Librarian Style: Day 1

November 17th, 2014

CAM01257-1Hello, my name is Elena and I accept the challenge. Last week GoGreen! Club here at Moraine posed a challenge to the campus community, to carry around any trash you generate during that week that you don’t or you can’t recycle. Being an environmentally minded person who avidly recycles as much as I can this intrigued me.  It got me thinking more about those items that are still part of my day but I can’t recycle.  Being a librarian who is always on the quest for facts and information, I have decided to collect  my trash for a week and try to find out what items we can’t recycle, why we can’t and if there is an alternative to that item.

So often we generate non-recyclable items but because we just throw it away, it leaves our thoughts.  It’s as if once we put that item in the trashcan and it magically disappears, poof! Sadly though, that is not the case.  The trash that I, you, your family and even the Queen of England herself produce ends up in a landfill, forever underground with the hopes that we all are satisfied with the notion “out of sight out of mind.” Personally, I stopped believing in magic long ago.

My first item for my bag is a coffee soaked paper towel.  Spills happen and since it wasn’t milk, I didn’t take the time to cry over it. Instead I ran around the office trying to find something anything to stop this slow but steady pool of caffeine from growing.  Frantically I ask a co-worker “do we have towels!?” and of course they do have towels, but the paper kind.  Paper towels that have food on them or cleaning products can not be recycled due to contamination.  The recycling process for paper involves water that would get quite gross with food waste mixed in with it.  A great example of a recyclable material that can’t be recycled is pizza boxes.

Sometimes our surroundings do not match our personal mission and we have to make do.  At home, the best solution I have found for a spill is to use old towels or t-shirt rags depending on the size.  Best solution for work?  Maybe I could have a couple cleaning rags from home ready in my desk drawer just in case.

Pumpkin, more than just for pies…

November 17th, 2014

Thanksgiving is never complete without that pumpkin pie baked with care by a relative anticipating all their loved ones eating it with joy. Or for some of us,  that pumpkin pie picked up at Jewel-Osco on the way to grandma’s house because your cousin forgot they had volunteered to bake that year.  Either way that pie somehow makes it to the table. Thanksgiving though is still a week away, and pumpkins can be used for more than just pies and lattes!

Here at Moraine Valley we have an extensive collection of cook books, baking guides, magazines and even a documentary about sandwiches.  These resources were chosen to support the study of our students in the Restaurant/Hotel Management and Culinary Arts program but are also here for YOU the avid baker! YOU the creative cook! or even YOU the novice baker wanting to learn to bake to impress your friends at that housewarming party later this month! So be sure to drop by the TX section of the stacks to browse to your culinary heart’s delight.

Here are some delightful pumpkin recipes linked to the cookbook in our collection they came from.  Enjoy!

Pumpkin Cheesecake, Pumpkin Ginger Cupcakes, Pumpkin Empanadas, Pumpkin Pecan Loaf, Pumpkin Seed Nib Brittle, Brandied Pumpkin Gingerbread, Pumpkin Raisin Muffins and Pumpkin, Leek, Walnut, Cheese Tart.